SI-Logistics offers Land, Air, and Marine insurance for your domestic or international shipments. We strongly suggest that you insure your goods for the replacement value of your goods and the cost of shipping your freight. Please advise one of our shipping specialists about the value that you would like to insure your goods for.

All Risk Insurance

All Risk Insurance is available for all customers with new goods packed from the manufacturer. To qualify for All Risk Insurance, we will need a commercial invoice with a description of the goods.

If shipping a vehicle, the vehicle must be less than 10 years old. We would need your vehicle’s value and will complete a vehicle inspection report at the time of the pickup or drop-off. The standard cost for All Risk Insurance is 3.5 % of the insured value of the cargo. The deductible for vehicles is 3% of the value.

Total Loss Insurance

Total Loss Insurance is available for all ocean, air, and land shipments. Total loss insurance covers you if the entire shipment is lost or damaged, but it will not insure you for partial loss or damage. To ensure total loss insurance, you will need to assign a lump sum value for your goods on the customer information form. The standard cost of Total Loss insurance is 3% of the insured value of the cargo. No deductible.