Roll On / Roll Off Ocean Shipping

Your vehicle will be towed or driven onto the ship, which is specially designed to carry any kind of wheeled cargo, such as cars, trucks, semi-trailers, buses, or boats.

Land Transportation

Your vehicle will be picked up and transported domestically on open or in enclosed auto carrier transport.

Container Ocean Shipping

Your vehicle will be loaded into an ocean container.  A Container is a convenient option for customers that ship vehicles together with household goods.

Title Validation Service

For International Shipments

To export any self-propelled vehicles from the United States, US Customs requires a vehicle title validation at the port of departure.  For title validation, you will need to send the original title to our agent at the port of departure, who will submit it to US customs. Finally, it is important to know that every US port has different document requirements and vehicle title procedures.

SI-Logistics specializes in the international shipment of vehicles. We can drive your vehicle onto the ship, load it inside an ocean container or haul it domestically on an auto carrier.

International Auto Shipping Tips


If the car is not paid off and you do not hold the original title, you will need to provide a certified copy of the title accompanied by a notarized letter from the lien holder


Every US port has different documentation requirements and vehicle title procedures.


For Roll On / Roll Off Shipments the fuel level in the gas tank must be as low as possible, the light must be on.


For containerized vehicle shipments, the fuel must be drained from the vehicle (or as low as possible) and the battery must be disconnected.


For Roll on Roll off Shipments, it is strictly prohibited to place any items inside a vehicle.


For containerized vehicle shipments, you are allowed to place packed goods inside the vehicle.